The Art Education Program has been trying to impart Art by means of interesting and innovative methods for which the group of nine teachers have been undergoing training sessions from two years. The midyear training of 2017 commenced on 6th of October 2017, Friday with a lot of enthusiasm.

Day 1, 06.10.17: The day began at 8:30 in the morning with a prayer. The teachers had assembled in the present Art Room.. The mentors Mr.Saikat Surai and Ms. Gopa Trivedi were present along with the nine teachers.

The session began with a discussion on the challenges faced by the teachers while they conducted the art projects. The main feedback was that the room in which the art classes are conducted is small to accommodate 38-40 children. As the space is limited it gives rise to chaos while conducting art projects involving group activities and the use of wet colours. The mentors made a note of the feedback and said that they will try and bring some changes in the infrastructure of the room to bring in more usable space.

Then the mentors gave a presentation on the art periods from Renaissance to Impressionism. The presentation focussed on the characteristics of the art works of the art periods. The mentors elucidated upon the link between the world history and the art history of a given time period. The sequence and importance of each time period was explained with respect to the art period preceding it and well as succeeding it. The presentation was quite interesting as it made us realise that various events of history had a very major effect upon the art of that period. The teachers were asked to select an art work that they liked the most and elaborate the same as a small presentation to be given on the concluding day of the training.

07.10.2017: The day began at 8:30 in the morning with a small prayer. The teachers were asked to discuss and prepare the Lesson Plans for the 4th, 5th and 6th chapters from their respective Art Books. The teachers then discussed their Lesson Plans with the mentors. Each teacher had picked up one of the given chapters and gave inputs regarding the methodology, learning outcomes and objectives of the chapter they were going to handle. The mentors gave valuable feedbacks regarding the methodology and objectives given. They emphasised on the need to ask good, thought provoking questions to instigate the children to think more and come up with ideas. The post lunch session was dedicated to a hands-on activity. Since a lot had been said about frescoes the previous day, it was decided that the teachers will be doing a fresco. The raw materials required were bought: gypsum, water colours, a flat plate, brushes etc. The mentor showed us as to how to mix the gypsum (aka plaster of paris) and apply it on a plank of plywood with the applicator. The teachers then drew a prepared design on the layer of POP. Then it was left for drying.

Day 3, 08.10.2017: The day began at 8:30 in the morning and straight away we began the presentations. All the teachers gave their respective presentations on the artist and/or art work that they had chosen. The presentation began with an explanation of ‘The Last Supper’ and ended with a presentation on Academism. The teachers had researched well and all of them did a very good job as they were able to explain their topics with ease and enthusiasm. Afterwards all the nine teachers along with the mentors went on a small trip to the foothills of the hills behind the school campus, into the premises of the Bungalow Club for some outdoor activity. The teachers were asked to draw their immediate surroundings using the Impressionist style of painting. All the teachers did a wonderful job and even though their style varied from impressionist to miniaturist to romanticist the works were appreciated by the mentors and to quote Mr. Saikat “I am very happy today!” sums up the whole experience that the teachers had, sometimes discovering the pleasure of painting for the first time to rediscovering the lost passion. Thus the day ended on a very fruitful note and thus concluded our midyear training program.

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