‘Sewa’ means service and Seva Diwas is celebrated to commemorate the selfless services rendered by our friends i.e. our Outsource staff. It’s a day to honor and thank the bountiful services and support offered by the outsource staff, which stands as a strong pillar of our school helping in the proper functioning of the activities of the school. No institution can flourish without the support of the outsource staff. Delhi Public School, Coimbatore takes pride in recognizing the magnificent services offered by this vibrant and energetic group of non-teaching staff members in terms of maintaining the campus spick and span, safe pick up and drop off students or be it in any other manner.

The celebrations of Sewa Diwas began by a red carpet welcome given to every member of the House-Keeping staff with a ‘Thank you’ card and a ‘Thank You’ badge made by the young Dipsites.

Children extended their gratitude in a symbolic manner by holding the  banner that specified "कर्म योग के अथक पथिक" meaning ‘Tireless wanderers of Karma Yog’.  They were then escorted by the students to the Multipurpose Hall to witness the special assembly.

The assembly began with a prayer song followed by a short introduction given by the students about ‘Sewa Diwas’.  To throw light on the significance of this day, Ms. Roopashree and Ms. Susheela were called upon to deliver a speech in Hindi and Tamil.

Thereafter, students of grade 4 and 5 presented a spectacular performance by dancing to the tunes of the very famous song ‘Ulaipali illadaa …..’, which was indeed a visual feast to the audience. As an icing on the cake, some of the House-Keeping staff too danced to the rhythm along with the dance troupe.

Subsequent to this, the Headmistress administered the oath emphasizing the significance of relentless and selfless service, which ought to uphold with utmost sincerity. The distinctive aspect of this assembly was an exclusive presentation by a crew of teachers, who had enthralled the audience with their mellifluous rendition.

Added on: 15 Sep 2017

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